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the Musicated Minor Presents (((3)))

Serving up an eclectic mix of some of his favorite joints to evoke a spirit of rebellious empowerment, singer-songwriter & visual artist, the Musicated Minor, releases this new promotional song, while gearing up to release new music.

For promotional use only.

(((Speechless))) / the Musicated Minor

Blending elements of hip hop & pop, over a track that simultaneously feels current and timeless, the Musicated Minor delivers a gritty, yet smooth performance, with conscious lyrics and his signature undertone of self-empowerment.

(((Ledge))) / the Musicated Minor

This soaring pop ballad explores the extent one is willing to go for what they believe in. For what would you #jumpofftheledge?

Produced by Pompey. Written by Total Blyss. Released Date: October 24, 2017

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